Tanglewood Bridal Portrait Session

So there’s no sneak peek to go with this one…but I just had to blog about it. Yesterday was a very eventful bridal portrait session at Tanglewood!

I met K through her maid of honor, C, who was part of the bridal party for one of my favorite brides…many of you know her as the “tattooed bride” from her full sleeve and other gorgeous artwork (shout out to Robert Frazier at Earth’s Edge in Winston). I love referrals, and C was rewarded with print credit through our Share the Love program.

K brought her parents and maid of honor, C, along for what was a very surprising ride! Tanglewood is one of my favorite locations for bridal portraits, as it has such a variety of backgrounds and locations – something to fit every personality and every bride. The grounds are beautiful, and the roses are even starting to bloom already.

For her bridal portrait, K wanted to “go green” – in terms of backgrounds that is. She loved the idea of having lots of green behind her – trees, grass, bushes, you name it…just so long as it stays right where it is. 🙂 No grass or dirt anywhere near her dress, please! This cheerleader loves the beauty of the outdoors without all the fuss of the dirt and heat. For a 90 degree day, and an outdoor session, we had a tall order to fill! K hung in there through the elements, and we got some gorgeous shots that I can’t wait to share with her.

K’s parents and C were right there beside her all the way, and we put them to work! From keeping her laughing to shooing away a black snake…YES, I said a SNAKE. We had a visitor for part of our session, and we were ready for him to leave. No sneak peeks allowed for anyone, Mr. Snake, not even you! K’s dad was nice enough to help us out by getting the guy moving – all 3-4 feet of him.

C had quite a few jobs on Friday, and I am excited for you to see the sneak peek AFTER the wedding. I don’t want to give away the surprise of her shots, but let’s just say that maids of honor have to earn their keep. 🙂

K, hope you and C and all the girls have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to toast to good friends, loving parents, a long and happy marriage…and no more snakes!

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