Tanglewood Bridal Portraits: Snakes Alive!

Another eventful bridal session at Tanglewood! Second bridal portrait session in as many weeks, and second snake sighting. Luckily this time it was a tiny baby snake (as opposed to last week’s 4 foot black snake), but still, to this girl – a snake’s a snake! Luckily, we all escaped unscathed…except for perhaps my heart beating quite a bit faster than usual…and got some beautiful shots at the Manor House and Arboretum, as well as super fun shots at the playground.

Rachel and Ben are such a fun couple – they love the mixture of highlighting their relationship and personal interests while showing their fun and playful side as well as how much they love each other. So, for Rachel’s bridal session, we made sure to include some personal touches as well as fun and modern posing! Her natural beauty was so easy to highlight with Tanglewood’s landscaping and architecture.

I am looking forward not only to sharing these images with her and her family, but also to their wedding! Her gown is GORGEOUS – kudos to English’s in Clemmons for helping her find THE dress.

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