Outdoor Children’s Photography: Summer Days!

Summer Outdoor Children's Photography

Sweet S shaded from the summer heat

Summer Outdoor Children's Photography

Tipping her hat to the hot summer day and the promise of ice cream!

Summer brings to light all the beautiful fun of childhood – fireflies, ice cream, beach trips, and running barefoot through the grass. I was blessed to spend time photographing some of my favorite families recently, and Little Miss S was one of those!

S’ family has truly become SSP family, and she brings a huge smile to my face every time I see her. One of my signature shots features her looking through the roses in a garden – I still get comments almost daily on that image! Not only do I love S for the wonderful, sweet, spirited child that she is, she also is a joy to photograph. She proves that you don’t have to sit still and smile for every photo for it to be a treasured keepsake.

My photography style is not controlled, formal, or constrictive. I love to photograph children being children – capturing their personality and not their posing. Working as a lifestyle/personality portrait artist, images such as these become favorites of mine and jump right into my portfolio because they show S just as she is…a little thoughtful, a lot sweet, and maybe just maybe even a little mischievous (she threw her hat at me just after the second shot!).

It is not only what I love about what I do and what I love about the images we create together, it’s what I enjoy about working with each family. The personalities and quirks of each child are so much fun to highlight, and watching them just have fun as they realize they don’t have to be posed and formal is always a joy.

Thank you to S’ parents for sharing her with me once again for a summertime shoot at the NCSU / JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. She reminded me of William Carlos William’s quote, “In summer, the song sings itself.” Truly, with children, the personality sings the image itself – you just have to let them play!

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