Doggone Fun Pet Portraits!

Pet Portraits: Dog

Bailey hamming it up for the camera


Pet Portraits: Dog

It's hard to sit still with this much energy!


Bailey is such a ball of energy! It was all he could do to sit still long enough for a quick snap of the camera, and then he was off to inspect the next big mystery… 

With all that energy, it’s no wonder that he’s protective of his mom – get too close too fast, and he’ll let you know that she’s all his. He doesn’t want to share her with anyone except Dad and his big sister. Part Corgi, he sits low to the ground but has a big personality to make up for what he lacks in height. His expressive brown eyes remind me so much of my own pups, and you just want to cuddle up to him and sit back and relax – but you have to catch him first! 

Photographing Bailey and Joules was so much fun, and I am looking forward to seeing them again at the studio soon. Keep a watch on the blog for Joules’ post…she’s a gorgeous German Shepherd!

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