“C” Me Grow: Outdoor Family Session

4 Months Baby and Family Session

Such a sweet family!

I’ll just get this out of the way from the get go…I love little C! This family session focused on him at four months old, and it was so fun. The details are amazing in that first year – the little ones seem to grow by leaps and bounds each day, and so capturing the size of C’s hands and feet was important. I love looking at them in perspective with Mommy and Daddy’s! One thing you can’t measure, though, is the amount of love this family has…they are so in tune with each other, and C is one lucky kid that can never doubt how much he’s loved.

As his mommy said on the day of their photo session, “I just want to remember everything about him at this age. I want to remember what he was like at 4 months.”  I’m honored to be able to help them capture that piece of their family history and I look forward to watching him grow up. He’s one tough cookie, and I know he’s gonna take the world by storm!

Keep an eye on the blog for a part two to their family session post…focusing on just little C and his many expressions. You gotta see what he learned that day… 🙂

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