Studio Bridal Portraits: Falling in Love Again

Modern Bridal Portrait

Taking advantage of dusk lighting...

Modern Bridal Portrait

Lindsay's personality and beautiful smile just shine!

One of the hardest things about bridal portraits is that we have to wait so long to share them with the world! Lindsay was our bridal show winner at the Carolina Weddings Bridal Show last year, and it was so fun to get to know her through her session. We opted for an indoor/outdoor session where she was able to take advantage of the dusk lighting to catch a few quick captures downtown. Her cathedral-length veil contrasted with her yellow ballet flats, and I loved how the brick brought some texture to her bridal portraits.

So, I’ll admit it, if you give me a choice, I’m heading outside for bridal portraits! I just love the lighting, the natural ease of the image, and the way that architecture and nature add that extra something to the portrait. It’s a bit of a challenge – keeping the dress clean, dealing with weather uncertainties, and finding just the right location for the bride – but it’s completely worth it. One of the things I told Lindsay after her session is that I fell in love with studio bridal portraits again. Her love of yellow and sunflowers appealed to me, and we were able to pop the beauty of the simplicity of the image with the bright blue bench.

She “doesn’t do” serious – or so she thought until she tried a few! I love the strength of the lines of her face, and the way her beautiful dress falls softly around her in ripples. The silver ribbon and pin both sparkled when we created the portrait print with a metallic finish.

Lindsay brought a few childhood items, and I just had to include them in her portraits – especially her mom’s favorite book, Love You Forever. The words of the book are enough to make any parent wistful, “I’ll love you forever / I’ll love you for always / As long as I’m living / My baby you’ll be.” It’s a fitting tribute to a wedding day, when parents are asked to give a little piece of themselves to the world and a new family unit.

Lindsay, we wish you much happiness in your life together – and that you always remember that no matter how grown up, no matter how young – you will always be your mom’s baby girl.

2 thoughts on “Studio Bridal Portraits: Falling in Love Again

  1. These are just perfect! You were so peasant to work with and very professional. Thank you for making her bridal session perfect.

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