Davie County: A Beautiful Place to Live


WinMock pre-renovations


Davie County Historic Church

The view from the pulpit at one of Davie's historic churches


Last year, the Davie Chamber of Commerce asked me to photograph some of the historic and notable locations of Davie County. I visited everything from golf courses to courthouses to graveyards to churches…it was quite a tour for this Easterner! Since I moved here, I’ve learned so much about the history of Davie County and I’ve enjoyed traveling the back roads and country lanes to find new places to photograph. 

These are two of my all-time favorite images from the Chamber shoot…the first is what will soon be known as WinMock. I love this pre-renovation image! You can read more about WinMock at the Davie County Blog

The second image is from the pulpit at one of the historic churches in Davie County, Fulton United Methodist. Pastor Tutterow gave me a wonderful tour of the historic church and it was a joy to photograph the architectural details. By far, though, the Bible on the pulpit was touching and striking. What a beautiful testament to the faith that has been found, celebrated, and shared over the years of this church’s history.

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