Tanglewood Bridal Portrait: Katie

Tanglewood Bridal Portrait

I love how the veil just softens the whole image...


Tanglewood Bridal Portrait

Katie's choice for her framed portrait!


Tanglewood Bridal Portrait

Go Team V-W! 😉


Tanglewood Bridal Portrait

Joking around with her maid of honor


Beautiful Katie is finally married, so I can share her bridal portraits from Tanglewood with you! You might remember the post a few months back about a Tanglewood bridal portrait – and the snake that joined us! Katie was the brave bride that faced down a big black snake and a very hot day to get the outdoor session she wanted. She wanted to mix a bit of tradition with personal touches, like a football and her cheerleading pom-poms.     

One of the best things that happens with a bridal session is the interaction between the bride and her enterouge. Katie’s maid of honor, Christie, helped keep things light and fun by joking around with her and even fanning her through the heat. They were headed out from there for a fun bachelorette weekend of margaritas and sand!     

While she chose a more traditional image for her framed portrait, Katie and her parents were drawn to the less traditional portraits that truly highlighted her fun personality. I loved the softness of the veil as a blusher, and the energy of her pom-poms being tossed into the air as well as the laughter with Christie when she didn’t think I was clicking.     

Katie, what a beautiful bride you were! I hope you enjoy your portraits for many many years, and wish you and your family many blessings.

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