Watch Me Grow: Sweet Baby J

Newborn and Child Photography NC

Mommy's little man!

Newborn and Child Photography NC

Daddy's little buddy!

Baby J and his parents really toughed out a HOT day for their outdoor portrait session! It was well worth it, as baby J has the sweetest smiles for Mom and loves to play with Dad. J even brought along the family pup to join the session, although it meant competing for Mom’s attention.

We hit Bond Lake for a walk along the bridge and on the shore. It was so much fun to get to see J’s parents again – I photographed their wedding a few years back, and it was just beautiful! So many of my clients and visitors continue to comment on her gorgeous dress and the color contrast of the white with the coral sash. In fact, it’s one of my most popular color splash samples. She was a BEAUTIFUL bride, and J’s dad was the perfect example of a GQ groom.

Since graduating from NC A&T, getting married in Raleigh, and starting their lives together as a family, they’ve even moved to a new house. I can’t wait to see which image they choose for the living room!

2 thoughts on “Watch Me Grow: Sweet Baby J

  1. Lisa,

    You did such a beautiful and classic job!! I always get butterflies when I see your photo’s. We could not ask for a better photographer and friend. Thank you so much can’t wait for the next session. We would do it all over again in 100 degree weather!! LOL

    You are so worth it!!

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