Little Miss L…Little Miss Dramatic!

Two Year Old Portrait Raleigh Winston Salem NC

Keeping an eye on the birds in the lake...

Two Year Old Portrait Raleigh Winston Salem NC

Practicing her runway "turn and smile" 🙂

I had fair warning – Little Miss L’s Mom told me upfront that you can’t take shortcuts with this little girl. She’s inquisitive, energetic, dramatic, and all around wonderful. I photographed L when she was a toddler, and couldn’t wait to see how she’d grown – I just wasn’t ready for how incredibly captivating she is! Within minutes, she had me by the hand showing me this frog and that tree, and, of course, Sprinkles the horse.

She and her sister (Little Miss S) gave us a tour of Bond Park in Cary, and despite the heat, it was a wonderful session and truly worth the wait. L fell in love with the birds in the pond, and just gazed at them while making sure to keep Sprinkles close by. Although it’s true that you’ll often get more portraits of her running the other way, or the back of her head while she spins to take in the next big event, she also loves Disney Princesses enough to encourage a dramatic giggle and grin.

L and S, keep those parents on their toes! It’s your job, after all. 😉

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