Engagement Session: Faith, Music, Laughter, and Love!

Downtown Engagement Session Krankies Winston Salem

Music, Laughter, and Love...

Downtown Engagement Session Train Tracks Showing Feet

Amy and Adam's unique wedding proposal story...

Downtown Engagement Session Train Tracks

Sharing a passage and thoughts.

It probably comes as no surprise to those who know Amy and Adam well, but I was immediately drawn to their engagement story. Their love story is quite unique, following the twists and turns of a good novel – from where they met to the “Winter Wallop” of 2009, life has been interesting for this couple!

Amy has the joy and lightheartedness needed to teach children, and Adam has the analytical, contemplative mind essential for an English teacher. When we started planning their engagement session, Adam took the lead and surprised Amy by only letting her know the required details. She put so much trust into Adam and I, but then again, it’s clear with Amy and Adam that trust is key. Their trust and love is endearing to photograph, and it makes you feel lucky to be part of their relationship story.

He admires her selflessness; she admires his ambition…he describes understanding her “Southernness” like “learning about a foreign country” and she teases him about his Northern ways. Yet, their engagement story best sums up the juxtaposition that is “them” … the lighthearted, fun choice of proposing on April Fools’ Day with the incredibly tender, faithful, and intimate decision Adam made to propose by washing her feet as a sign of his desire to serve and love her forever.

Amy and Adam, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I hope you love your sneak peek! Can’t wait to show you the rest!

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