Favorites: Wedding Dress and Boutonniere

wedding dress photo on door

Rachel's Beautiful Dress

modern boutonniere photo

Purple haze for an LSU devotee!

This blog post reaches back to earlier this year and Rachel and Ben’s wedding! I know you’ve seen the two earlier posts (Couple and Wedding Party) on their big day, but I couldn’t help but share two of my favorite dress and flower photos.

Rachel went through the trouble of ordering a special hanger on etsy for her dress! She’d told me about it weeks before the wedding, and was so excited that we’d be able to photograph her dress on it. I chose the doorway beside the bridal dressing room so that we could clearly highlight the hanger as well as the beautiful detail down the back of the dress. English’s Bridal did such a great job helping her pick it out!

The boutonniere photo was fun to edit…sometimes just the right touch of saturation, contrast, and color editing can produce a really neat shot. The LSU fans were excited to have a purple haze in this modern shot.

I’m looking forward to beginning the design of their storybook album.

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