Treasured Friend, Treasured Memories

Black Cocker Spaniel Portrait

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. "~ Anatole France ~

Ladybug’s Mom, Stella, shared with me a beautiful card she wrote for all of Ladybug’s friends so that they could celebrate her life. It was sweet and poignant, full of words that captured Ladybug’s personality – both in public, and at home. We all know that our pets (and our humans) have quirks that often only those closest to them truly understand.

When I met Ladybug, it was quite by chance – I was doing pet portraits for the Davie County Humane Society Pet Fair, and she came in just as we were about to close. It was hot, crowded, and noisy – I think she was just glad to come inside for a minute! She saw the camera, and was kind enough to “pose” for me for a short while before sneaking off to lay on the cool tile floor underneath her mom’s desk. It wasn’t long before she was fast asleep – well, with one paw tucked in her signature fashion, and I’m pretty sure one ear open for any photography-related sounds. While I didn’t get to see the more playful, quirky side of Ladybug; I did get to see why she is one of her mom’s best friends. She stuck close to her parents, but was more than gracious to let me cuddle and pet her. She was a little reserved, a lot calm (mostly hot… 🙂 ), and very loyal.

It’s no wonder that when we lose such friends, it is like losing a little piece of ourselves. Her parents are “rescuers” who embrace the pets so many leave behind, and they have found a beautiful reward in loyalty, love, and friendship.

Ladybug, you are so loved, and so missed…

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