Family Portrait: Two Plus Two Equals Four!

Family Portrait

Kisses for Baby

Family Portrait Outside

Sweet Family of Four

The G family portraits were full of laughter, as you’ve seen by Baby K and Toddler C‘s blog posts by now. Their portrait moments as a family were a mix of energy (2 years old brings a lot of energy to the party!) and endearing moments. My two favorite moments from their portraits are of the family outside, with C giving Baby K kisses and Mom cuddling a sleeping K while Dad pulls C (and Minnie, of course) in the wagon. As we were doing Mom and Baby K portraits, she looked up and we realized that you could see Dad entertaining K in the background. It was a moment of serendipity, and when Dad looked up, it was perfect.

I love outdoor portraits for children, especially at the toddler and young child age – they love being outside and it distracts them and entertains them for quite a while. It results in some of the most natural images, and I love the balance of light and color. I enjoyed working with the light to bring Mom and K into a soft color/light focus in the foreground, and set Dad and C apart with a high contrast, bright fade in the background. To me, it just speaks of a loving moment of eye contact caught between two parents of beautiful little girls. Those moments are sometimes rare when you are changing diapers, feeding babies, and running between jobs and commitments. There’s an unspoken love, protection, and togetherness that hits me in this image, and I just adore it.

Good job, C, K, Mom, and Dad … as always! See you soon!

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