Toddler C: 2 Years Old!

2 Year Portrait Children

I just adore this one with the 2 in the background...

2 Year Portrait Children

Minnie, let's move that 2!

2 Year Portrait Children

Kisses for Minnie

Toddler C is growing up so fast! I blogged her sister’s 3 month portraits earlier, and mentioned that I couldn’t believe it’s already time for her 2 year portrait. It sounds so nostalgic, but I can remember when C was born. My son is just a few months younger, and there’s just something about that second birthday that makes you wistful. C is fully a toddler now, and fully energetic, loveable, and so special.

One of my favorite things about her family is that they are always up for anything I suggest. When I talk with clients, I mention trusting your photographer – it’s a huge part of the session! C’s family truly trusts me to get the images that they love and to create memorable captures for them of these moments. One of my favorite parts is being able to show each child’s personality by going with their natural playtime direction – it makes the session that much more personal, and that much more “them” – which is a huge thing for me, and for my moms.

C is equal parts thoughtful expression, loveable moments, and big smiles…all of which make up for a unique and wonderful little girl! She melts my heart when she asks Mommy if she can go see Lisa, and when she lights up when they come to town. Since I started photographing them in Raleigh, and then moved to Mocksville, they drive two hours each way to be photographed at the studio. It means a lot to me to have clients that are that loyal!

Did I mention C loves Minnie Mouse? 🙂 Her entire birthday party was themed around the polka-dotted mouse and so it was natural for Minnie to join much of her session. I love how she has Minnie clutched in her hand and still managed to move the 2 around the studio! She wasn’t letting go, that’s for sure.

Thank you to C and K’s Mom and Dad for sharing their wonderful little girls with me!

Stay tuned for a blog post on their family portrait

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