The Laughing Dog: A Hard Goodbye

Pet Portraits Photography Laughing Dog


Simply Southern Photography is saying goodbye to a good friend and companion this week…Joules’ Mom let me know that Joules is now at peace. Her struggle with a difficult condition is only part of her story…the part I will always remember is how much she loved her parents.

When Joules came to visit me at the studio, it was long after she’d started therapy and treatments, but you could tell that she just knew she was going to have a fabulous day with her mom. She cuddled, played, and loved on her mom, and even gave us the cutest crinkle-eyed laugh portrait. It’s one of my favorite pet portraits to date, and I just love that she looks so happy and playful!

History tells us that Sir Isaac Newton’s dog, Diamond, accidentally knocked over a candle while trying to protect him from a stranger at the door. He lost all of the papers that were on his desk, including some where he’d written his theories on the law of gravity. Newton must have been a dog person, as he wrote that he couldn’t punish her for it – she was doing what she did best – protecting and loving him.

Joules was so blessed to live with “dog people” who loved her deeply and protected and cared for her – and she in return gave the same. She will be truly missed.

“If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.” ~Marjorie Garber~


4 thoughts on “The Laughing Dog: A Hard Goodbye

  1. This is wonderful, Lisa! A beautiful tribute to an obviously wonderful dog (and his family). I’m sorry I never had the honor of meeting Joules.

  2. Joules!! Such a sweet baby girl. I am thankful to have known her! She brighten my Friday mornings for a long time. I will miss her deeply. This is a great pose of gental girl.

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