Vintage Glam: Wedding Day

Bride Shoes flowers vintage glam wedding

It’s time to blog Nicole and Justin’s big day! They had a beautiful wedding at Pine Brook Country Club in Winston Salem. The weather was gorgeous, the color in the leaves was stunning, and Nicole was just gorgeous. Her dress (from European Bridal) fit perfectly and it was clear she and Justin put a lot of thought into the details. The brooch she used to fasten her wedding dress bow was a glamorous accent.

Bride vintage glam wedding tattoo brooch

Nicole’s guests may not have realized, but she had “I DO” in blue rhinestones on the bottom of her shoes as her something blue…I loved how you couldn’t see them unless you turned the shoes over.

Bride Shoes vintage glam wedding

Nicole’s feather flower in her hair was a beautiful touch!

Bride getting ready heart vintage glam wedding

More to come…

3 thoughts on “Vintage Glam: Wedding Day

  1. The wedding sounds like it was a great occassion, this is always going to be a bonus at such a big event. The dress sound like it was lovely and the attention to detail put in sound great too. You appear to a have a keen eye for detail too, which proves that the effort put into a wedding doesn’t go unappreciated, good review

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