Sweet Expressions Part Two: Santa Portraits Continued

Baby L has a Christmas portrait post coming…but for now her sweet look at Santa just captured my heart. She looks so full of wonder and excitement for Christmas!

Santa Hug Child Portrait Wonder of Christmas

Miss S has been very good this year, and she always is SO excited to see Santa! She gives him a huge hug and jumps right up on his lap every year. This year, she wanted to make sure he heard her requests so she whispered them closely in his ear.

Santa Child Portrait Christmas Whisper Santa's ear

Baby M showed off that she can stand and walk all on her own – and she’s not even yet one! She is a sweet girl with a lot of energy to spare for running and playing!

Santa Child Portrait Christmas

She decided she wanted to be on the Nice List for sure, so she sat right on Santa’s lap and looked at him with the sweetest little smile. No wonder Mommy and Daddy’s hearts are so wrapped around her fingers!

Santa Child Portrait Christmas Smile

Baby K and Toddler C are fun little girls that don’t like to sit still in case they might miss something! Miss C decided it was ok to sit with Santa as long as he was kind enough to share a few Christmas cookies with her. Baby K wanted nothing to do with sitting with Santa – after all, she’s recently learned to sit up and started to try to crawl – why in the world wouldn’t she want to show that off on her own? 🙂

Santa Child Portrait Christmas

Still more to come…!

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