Dog Photography: Davie County

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I have a secret…well two. First, I LOVE dog photography. Second, I’ve been waiting to share this post with you since November! I’ve been about to bust at the seams to show you this gorgeous guy. Those eyes! They just make me want to cuddle Zeke up.

His mom reserved the portrait session as a surprise for his dad…they’d recently lost a beloved friend (Ladybug), and she wanted to have a session for Zeke to honor how special he is to their family. He’s been a bit down since Ladybug left us…so this was a perfect way to cheer the whole family!

Who couldn’t resist his honey-colored soft coat or chocolate-brown expressive eyes?

Pet Photography creative photography

And since we all know, cold nose = warm heart … I just had to capture one of his portraits focusing on that cute nose!

Dog photography is one of my favorite pieces of the portrait puzzle…I love getting to know their owners, and their expressions, and just the love that exists in that bond between loyal friends.

Zeke’s mom gives so much of herself to the pet rescue cause – from working with the Humane Society to a vet’s office, to her daily care for her dogs that were rescued and homeless. No wonder Zeke is so devoted!

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7 thoughts on “Dog Photography: Davie County

  1. Loved your portraits of Zeke! His coloration reminds me of our “Holly.” I’m NOT a portrait photographer, but I grabbed my camera when I saw Holly had draped herself across our stairs in a “Queen of the House” pose. Here it is (click on the image for a much larger version):

    This one time she didn’t SMELL me getting the camera and takes off!


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