B H L D N: Anthropologie’s New Bridal Bliss Line

I love Anthropologie. Their vintage modern style just hits me right at the heart. It’s beautiful, understated, and sophisticated.

It’s no wonder I fell in love immediately with their new line: B H L D N – it’s dedicated to their bridal line, and you can explore so many things!

From their Explore page…you can take a quiz to see what type of bride you are, view vintage wedding photographs, and read love sonnets by Shakespeare, Byron, and the like (yep, they got me right there, I’m a sucker for Victorian Lit!).

Their hairpieces are fabulous – from birdcage veils to headbands to hats…(I loooove both the Magnolia frame headband and the velvet cocktail hat).

And I just know my feet would be ever so happy in the Brocade heels (no wonder they’re sold out…) or the On-A-Wing butterfly heels!

And the dresses? How do you choose?!?! They’re all so gorgeous in so many different ways. If we renewed our vows, rightthisveryminute!, I think I’d pick the Fondant Tea Dress or the Pinwheel Tea Dress – there is just something so sweet about a tea length wedding dress! Or, maybe I’d go with the absolutely gorgeous Twirled Sweetheart Dress… hmmm…

And the runners up would be the Savory dress and the Valenciennes Dress. As I said, how do you choose?!

What is your favorite pick?





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