Fun with Pickles: Mocksville Pet Photographer

dog photography pet photographer winston salem

Oh man, what can I say about Pickles? There is so much! He captured my heart immediately with just what you see here – a wide-open personality ready to play, run, and love! His expressive ears tell the whole story … I love how in this one he has one up, one down and he is just ready to run!

dog photography pet photographer winston salem

Pickles’ favorite thing in the world (besides his Mom and Dad) is to chase his toys – especially the kong. His parents weren’t sure if this would be a challenge for a pet photographer – he doesn’t stay still long and even runs from the camera! But for me, the challenge is the story…and your photographs should not only tell the story of your life together but also the personality of your best friend.

dog photography pet photographer winston salem

So, we played! And played…and played! And it was so much fun. His gorgeous coat was shining beautifully in the sunstreaked day, and he immediately accepted me into the pack to throw the kong again, and again, and again. šŸ™‚

dog photography pet photographer winston salem

You just can’t get better form than this! I love the action, determination, and poise of Pickles in this photograph. Too often, dog photography is focused on the still images of the pet. One of my favorite things about Pickles’ parents is that they love Pickles just as he is, and want to show that in their images. The feeling of his energy, excitement, and heart full of love just makes me smile. When she viewed the images, his mom said “He just looks so happy. And that is Pickles!” As a pet photographer who strives to bring not only creativity but love and expression to the image, it made my day.

dog photography pet photographer winston salem

One thing that struck me about Pickles is his name…it’s unique and fun, just like him! He came home with this family as a stray – he had been hanging around the Dad’s work and eating the pickles from their sandwiches. After a few days, the office was going to take him to the shelter, and his sweet Dad decided that wasn’t the place for Pickles. So, he came home and joined their ever-growing pack of adoptees and rescues. Imagine what Pickles life might have been had he not found this family, or had those guys said “Hold the Pickles!” on their lunch orders. šŸ™‚ Truly, rescues are some of the greatest animals in the world – their lives are full of adventures we’ll never know, but their eyes are full of gratitude that they show us daily.

Looking for the perfect companion? AdoptĀ from the Davie County Humane Society and share your home with a deserving pet.

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