Brookstown Inn Reception: Celebration Time!

dewey's bakery wedding cake winston salem nc

Sadie and Ward cut a beautiful cake from Dewey’s Bakery during their reception at Brookstown Inn – I loved the Willow Tree Angel cake topper and the simple yet elegant design.

marble slab ice cream wedding reception desserts

Just in case the sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied, their guests could have a bowl of custom-mixed Marble Slab ice cream – yep, they even brought in the slab! Ward loves ice cream, and so it was a must for their reception. šŸ™‚

bride and groom brookstown inn wedding reception photographer

They shared one more sweet kiss before it was time to grab all the guests and hit the dance floor!

candid dancing wedding reception photographer winston salem
Sadie’s brother helped his great-grandmother have fun on the dance floor – can you believe that she danced a good part of the night!? Before the wedding, we were talking about her traveling in for the day and she told me she just had to come see her beautiful great-granddaughter get married.

candid dancing wedding reception photographer winston salem

Sadie and her brother-in-law cut up on the dance floor before it was time for the bouquet toss.

bouquet toss brookstown inn reception photographer

And then it was time for one last spin on the dance floor before the guests headed home for the evening.

last dance bride groom wedding reception photographer

Congratulations, Sadie and Ward on your beautiful and sweet wedding day!

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