UNCG Alumni House Reception: Greensboro Wedding Photographer

uncg alumni house vintage car greensboro wedding photographer
Niki and Dennis’ wedding ceremony at  College Place United Methodist Church (UMC) in Greensboro, NC was followed by a fun and lively reception at the UNCG Alumni House.

culinary visions catering greensboro wedding photographer

With Culinary Visions as their caterer, the guests had full tummies of yummy eats!

alternative to guest book greensboro wedding photographer

In a unique twist on a guest book, their alternative to the traditional book was both sweet and fun – the guests were able to write a note to the couple and attach it to the tree for them to read after the honeymoon.

bridal portrait wedding bouquet with dog tags

For one of her bridal portrait displays, Niki chose our new line of funky, whimsical frames that accent a modern portrait beautifully. Her bridal bouquet by Bloemenbinder: The Flower Maker had her father’s dog tags intertwined as a tribute and memorial to him.

bride groom first dance song greensboro wedding photographer

And, true to their wedding story, their first dance was a good mix of romance, whimsy, and fun – and now every time I hear the song “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not,” I will always think of Dennis and Niki’s wedding story!

first dance wedding song greensboro wedding photographer

Niki’s maid of honor held back tears as she toasted the bride and groom, and I loved this image of her toasting while they looked on.

maid of honor wedding toast greensboro wedding photographer

DJ Mike Harding was fabulous – when Niki’s maid of honor was too tearful to hold her written toast, he came to her rescue and held it for her while she toasted the bride and groom.

maid of honor wedding toast dj mike harding

The ring bearer kept a watch from his comfy red chair, and was ready to dance only seconds later!

ringbearer wedding reception candid photographer greensboro

But, before it was time to dance…it was time for something even better…CAKE!whimsical wedding cake maxi b's greensboro wedding photographer

Their whimsical wedding cake by Maxi B’s was what Niki described as a “perfect mess” – it was beautiful and vintage and intentionally imperfect – just like life!

maxi b's wedding cake topper vintage

The vintage lovebirds perched inside the fresh orchid cake topper were blue and white, matching Niki’s wedding shoes. I (very carefully!) placed her engagement ring on their beaks, and each band on a bird’s tail feathers, while a few guests looked on and held their breath. 🙂

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

Now that the cake was cut, it was time to party! The groom’s sister helped some of the younger guests through the Macarena.

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

And everyone was ready for the Cha Cha Slide!

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

So much fun on the dance floor!

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

Some guests needed a moment to recuperate before their next journey on to the dance floor. 🙂

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

Guests laughed, danced, and had fun through the whole reception – even through the major thunderstorm that blinked the power and drenched the outdoor patio. 🙂

wedding reception dancing candid wedding photographer

Congratulations, Dennis and Niki! May you have a long and happy marriage full of good surprises and loving moments!

wedding reception candid wedding photographer

Want more? The reception is up next! Until then…keep an eye on Simply Southern Photography’s blog for more of our romantic, whimsical wedding photography, and keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our mailing list!

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