Unique Wedding Shoes: Tanglewood Bridal Portraits

I recently posted Ashley and Brett’s wedding sneak peek at Wait Chapel and their fun reception at the Millennium Center … now it’s time to share some of her bridal portraits from Tanglewood Park in Clemmons! I wasn’t able to share these with you before the wedding, of course, so I’m excited to share them now!

unique wedding shoes tanglewood bridal portrait

Ashley found a cute sign that said “And they lived happily ever after…” – it was a great addition to her bridal portrait session. I loved hanging it on the iron fence with her fabulous wedding shoes.

tanglewood bridal portrait

Her dress fit her so perfectly; I thought it had just the right balance of fit and flare!

tanglewood bridal portrait

And every girl needs her own makeup crew for her bridal session – the patient mirror-holder was her dad!

tanglewood bridal portrait unique wedding shoes

You already know how much I love shoes, and how much I loved Ashley’s traditional yet unique white wedding shoes – but the surprise in this image is the tiara! All of her friends had to have been surprised to see her in the tiara on the wedding day – Ashley’s anything but a diva but threatened to wear a crown on the wedding day! 😉

tanglewood bridal portrait unique wedding shoes

Last but not least, Ashley’s favorite – and one of my favorites, too!!

tanglewood bridal portrait unique wedding shoes

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