Halloween Costumes: A Princess and Frog…I Mean Duck!

toddler costume princess infant costume duck halloween

Princess S and baby brother C got all dudded up and came to the Simply Southern Photography studio for their Halloween mini-session! I think Princess S granted a frog a very important wish – to be an incredibly cute infant in a duck outfit for Halloween!

infant costume duck halloween

During Baby C’s 9 month portrait session, I asked S what she was going to be for Halloween…and she very promptly replied “A PRINCESS!” – there was no changing her mind, and her mom said she even added to that when they got home – “A PRINCESS in a pretty dress!” 🙂 Princess S, looks like you got your wish, too! You were quite a pretty princess in a very pretty dress.

toddler costume princess halloween
Happy Halloween Princess S and Ducky C!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes: A Princess and Frog…I Mean Duck!

  1. Do you know where your client bought this duck costume, or is there any way you could ask for me? My 19mo old son is obsessed with ducks and I’d like to find one like this that has wings/arms. All the ones I’m finding online are sleeveless. Thanks!

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