Downtown Winston Salem: Sarah and Chris

If you’ve been following Sarah and Chris’ elegant yet vintage and whimsical wedding, you’ve already seen their sweet getting ready moments and their wedding ceremony at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Winston Salem. Now, it’s time for a sneak peek at Sarah and Chris’ bride and groom moments just after the ceremony!

bride groom candid wedding photography nc

Always the gentleman, Chris carried the train of Sarah’s dress as we walked around the church for their post-wedding bride and groom moments. I loved this candid photograph of the couple, and the look Sarah is giving Chris. It just pops in black and white for me.

bride groom candid wedding photography ncSuch a sweet groom!

bride groom candid wedding photography nc

They snuggled close for a quick kiss around the side of the church.

bride groom candid wedding photography nc

And shared a few moments before we headed inside for their family photographs. After their family formals, we headed out for a vignette – a little wedding detour pre-reception!

bride groom candid wedding photography nc

Where they could pop some champagne and relax before the evening full of dancing, cake cutting, and fun! The bridal party joined us too, but more on them later…

bride groom unique ring pictures inscription

Sarah had Chris’ ring engraved with their date…

bride groom unique ring pictures inscription

And a message to remind him how much she loves him, now and always.

bride groom wedding detour toast

Their wedding detour pre-reception took us to the fabulous Old Winston Social Club – a unique and private club in downtown Winston Salem that is known for being lots of fun, as well as laid-back and comfortable.

documentary wedding photography storybook weddings

In their pre-wedding consultation, we talked about the style of photography they wanted for their wedding day. They didn’t want to be rushed or stressed about their photography (which is perfect, because I have a no-stress policy for my brides! 😉 I want them to enjoy their day!), and they wanted to have images that reflected them as a couple – their love, their interests, and their relationship. Sarah also didn’t want it to be “all about the bride” – where the images only focused on her, and left Chris as a secondary person on their important day. I loved working with them to capture images such as this one – which shows the detail of the back of her dress, her bouquet, and her gorgeous profile, but absolutely highlights their relationship, love, and handsome groom. I’ve heard photographers say that grooms are just props on the wedding day, but I don’t agree…and I love that Sarah and Chris feel the same way.

documentary wedding photography storybook weddings

Let’s be honest, though, that’s one pretty amazing bride Chris has! Holy cow, she’s gorgeous.

documentary wedding photography storybook weddings

I adore this image of Sarah and Chris – the highlighting and shadowing, the way he’s looking up at her, and how beautiful she is.

creative wedding photographer photojournalist

While the previous image would be their magazine cover, this one would be their romance novel cover – at least in my opinion. They just draw you in to their relationship and their wedding day.

creative wedding photographer photojournalist

We had a fabulous time creating all their images, from whimsical to romantic to creative – and just in case you think that we only focused on romance and drama, don’t worry – we definitely highlighted their fun and spunky side as well!

candid wedding photography fun

Because sometimes, you just have to rock. 🙂 More sneak peeks of Sarah and Chris are coming soon…especially the fun bridal party pictures!

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