Kevin Harvick Foundation: Dare to Dream

Simply Southern Photography was honored to photograph an amazing event last week: the Kevin Harvick Foundation’s Christmas for Kids concert fundraiser!

Kevin Harvick Foundation Fundraiser Concert

The Kevin Harvick Foundation was established by Kevin and DeLana to assist underprivileged children in having a better life. Through the Foundation’s efforts, these children are able to not only dream … but they also have the opportunity to realize those dreams. Based in NC, the Foundation has many philanthropic avenues to support children. For example, last year, they awarded seven Chase Your Dream scholarships to foster children in the local area, and opened opportunities for them to realize their potential.

Kevin Harvick Foundation Christmas for Kids Event Winston Salem

One of the ways the foundation gives back is through their Christmas for Kids concert with 93.1 The Wolf, held at Johnny N Junes in Winston Salem. It was amazing to see how many people dedicated their time and talent to make this a success, including amazing performers – from Bridgette Tatum to the Eli Young Band to headliner Jake Owen!

jake owen concert winston salem event

It was an incredible night…and one lucky person took home a motorcycle that all started with a hat.

Kevin Harvick Foundation hat to a hog

93.1 The Wolf’s Chuck Marsh traded his autographed hat for many things, including a motorcycle from 2011 Harley Davidson Blackline FXS from Cross Roads Harley Davidson.

Kevin Harvick Foundation Concert

What a generous donation – and all of the proceeds went to help the Foundation continue to help kids realize their dreams.

bridgette tatum country music singer

Bridgette Tatum took the stage first, and kept the audience on their feet!

bridgette tatum country music artist

It’s clear through her music and her soulful expressions that Bridgette Tatum is one heck of a woman. She’s a tough survivor, and a passionate artist.

bridgette tatum country music artist

Bridgette Tatum is an artist that inspires – her story makes you want to be more, do more, and follow your passion and your dream. I can’t think of a better example for the children the Foundation helps.

bridgette tatum country music artist

I love this image because it brings together all the things that make me smile about her music – a little bit of glam and rhinestone, a love of music and soul, and yet still tough as nails.

bridgette tatum country music artist

After Bridgette Tatum got the crowd started, the Eli Young Band was there to keep it rockin’!

eli young band country music artist

They stopped for a quick photo op and then headed out to the stage to perform to a full house. Their determination, drive, and committment to their music is inspiring.

eli young band country music artist

As dedicated artists, EYB continually pushed themselves by reinvesting in the band and vowing to stay close as friends as well as band mates.

eli young band country music artist

It’s a crazy life, and a hard one to make it in country music – and their tenacity and sacrifice has paid off. Recently, their single “Crazy Girl” was nominated for CMT’s Top 30 Videos of 2011. Their story of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is one that speaks to anyone who has a dream, and encourages kids to strive toward their goals.

jake owen clint bowyer

Meanwhile, backstage in the green room, NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer and Jake Owen chatted.

jake owen chuck marsh 93.1 the wolf

Jake Owen stopped and spoke with 93.1 The Wolf’s Chuck Marsh, and spent time with band members and guests in the green room.

jake owen country music artist

Bridgette Tatum showed off her firesuit t-shirt (get yours at: DeLana Harvick’s Firesuit T-Shirt).

bridgette tatum delana harvick firesuit tshirt

And Jake Owen got ready to greet his fans!

jake owen country music artist

After the Meet and Greet, he hit the stage for an incredible concert.

jake owen country music artist

He is an energetic and charismatic performer, and the crowd had a blast!

jake owen country music artist

Much like Bridgette Tatum and EYB, Jake Owen’s story is encouraging to others to follow your dreams. From an early dream to become a professional golfer, through the injury that had him reaching for new dreams, Jake Owen shows that what you initially strive for may not be where you’re meant to be.

jake owen country music artist

With new dreams of country music, he quickly moved to the spotlight and grew a large based of fans across the nation.

jake owen country music artist

Jake Owen’s story shows that life throws you curveballs…and you just have to know how to catch them and toss them right back. His “bend the rules” attitude (coupled with a smile that makes me wonder if he EVER got in trouble) give his laid-back vibe a charm that’s hard to ignore.

jake owen country artist

From Barefoot Blue Jean Night to Heaven to Eight Second Ride, Jake Owen showed his vocal and artistic range.

jake owen country artist

He laughed as he talked about his red converse back in the green room, saying that his dad always told him red shoes are for clowns…so it’s no wonder (especially in light of his hit single) that he rocked the stage barefoot.

jake owen country artist

From stage presence to story, Jake Owen inspired the crowd and is someone who makes you feel like anything is possible, especially when you realize the artist you’re meant to be.

jake owen country artist

After an encore, the band joined Jake Owen as they said goodnight to the crowd.

jake owen country artist

And, yes, Merle was there. 🙂

jake owen country artist merle

Thank you again to all the amazing personnel that made this night possible for the kids. The vision to assist kids in reaching their dreams by creating a concert of artists who have worked hard to achieve their goals and dreams through their life paths – however different they may be – is a vision that could only be achieved by passion and dedication. So many volunteers dedicated their time and talent to this night, and I am grateful to have been a part of this worthy and inspiring cause.

Visit Ways You Can Help to find out how you can assist the Kevin Harvick Foundation in helping more kids reach their goals.

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