High School Senior Reps: Class of 2013 Nominations

High School Senior Portrait Rep Nominations

We have an amazing experience planned for our Class of 2013 High School Senior Rep Street Team, and we’re looking for just the right candidates for the opportunity! We are accepting a limited number of senior reps due to the experience that we’re offering – it’s a hush-hush secret right now but we can’t wait to show you how incredible it is! Let’s just say that these seniors are going to have images unlike any other…

The senior rep team will be selected based on an interview process. We are accepting nominations for consideration from school leadership, community leadership, the general community, and our current Class of 2012 senior portrait clients and street team. We are so excited about our fun, funky, fresh approach to high school senior portraits. and the experience we’re offering our Class of 2013 Senior Reps!

Candidates must have a parent or guardian attend the interview with them, and must sign a contract/release for the Street Team opportunity.

How to Nominate a Senior

To nominate a senior for the senior rep program, please email admin@simplysouthernstudio.com with responses to the following questions:

1. Please list your name, email address, phone number, and how you know the student you’re nominating.

2. Please list the name of the high school senior you are nominating and their contact information.

3. Have you discussed this opportunity with the student or their parents/guardian?

4.  Why do you think that they will be a great senior rep?

Applications must be received by Feb 5 in order to be considered.

Check us out on Facebook and the web.

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