And Baby Makes 4: Little W at 9 Months

Little W joined his parents for his 9 month portraits session…and to make a big announcement! In case you missed it, baby makes 4!

announcing pregnancy

I loved this baby reveal – much like the gender reveal cakes and parties, I love it when parents have fun celebrating their new addition!

announcing pregnancy

Little W couldn’t be happier to have a new little baby on the way…and he just grinned at us while we had fun during his session.

9 month baby pictures

It’s amazing how much they grow in 9 months! Look at that big boy, standing up on his own, and those cute lil feet!

9 month baby pictures

He’s still working on walking, of course, but he has crawling down pat! He paused just long enough to give me this super cute look.


Just like his mom, he has the most beautiful baby blue eyes. Love them!


And that grin! What a little charmer.

W always brings his cowboy boots for his “comparison item” – the thing we photograph at every session to see how much he’s grown.

9 month baby pictures

I love the bubble baby sessions – he wasn’t sure at first what he thought, but he loved the bubbles after all!

9 month baby pictures

Happy 9 month birthday, little W! And congrats on baby! 🙂

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