Styled Senior Session: Little Red Riding Hood

We here at Simply Southern Photography LOVE our styled senior sessions! Check out M, one of our class of 2013 reps, and her very cool Little Red Riding Hood styled senior session.


We added Milo the husky to create that wolf-y feeling.Marley_StyledSenior-001

The concept for the session was to put a twist on the standard Red Riding Hood story – what if she tamed the wolf? What would that look like?


And, would she always be wary…?Marley_StyledSenior-035

M was an amazing model – she can rock the vintage look so well!Marley_StyledSenior-023

I loved her side-braid…

She edits so beautifully in color and black and white – it’s hard to choose!Marley_StyledSenior-032
M, thanks for being such a beautiful model! I can’t wait for your next session!Marley_StyledSenior-031

You really rocked it!
red riding hood

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