Exciting Changes Coming to Simply Southern Photography, Inc…

Our Growing Family…

2012 was a year of great growth for Simply Southern Photography, Inc. We expanded our client offerings, increased the number of second photographers we offer to our brides, and focused on our product line! We intensively trained a videographer, and were thrilled to have a bridal assistant helping us with weddings.

We not only grew professionally; we also grew personally with the addition of our tiniest new team member. Our second child was born prematurely at just 29 weeks in November at just 3 lbs. 11 oz. After a 59 day stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) stay, he is finally home with us. It has been a long road, and we appreciate all the kindness and care our clients have shown during this time.

Throughout our years in business, we have worked hard for our clients to understand that family comes first – whether it is our clients’ families, or our own family – we know how important that part of life is. When you are creating something so special for people as they go through major life changes, you feel like part of the family.

We are working on some changes for 2013, and wanted to take a moment to share those with you – from what we’ve learned, to where we are, to where we’re going…

What We’ve Learned…

In 2012, we learned so many things from our clients! Just to share a few:

  • Our clients love our photography for the interaction, personality, and life that is brought to their images.
  • The personal service of knowing that you’re speaking directly with the owner is critical. Our clients truly desire for Lisa to be the one that handles scheduling as well as answering questions, emails, and phone calls.
  • Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better – our clients love the boutique brand we started out as and have always had in our hearts.
  • Flexibility and willingness to work outside the normal 9-5 are really important to our clients.
  • Photographing at locations that make the most sense for our clients is a key part of creating their images. We’ve found that when it comes to locations that are close to the heart, there is nothing better than a location that is truly you.

Most of all, we were reminded that you love when our images pull the heartstrings, make you smile and cry, and mean the very most to you. We have found that you just can’t beat home, heart, and history…and knowing that your photographer “gets” you.

Changes Coming to Simply Southern Photography, Inc.

To that end, there are changes coming to Simply Southern Photography in 2013!  We hope these changes will enable us to continue moving toward our ultimate goal as a boutique photography business: working with our clients to create imagery that is personal, stunning, and relevant.

  • We will only accept 15 weddings per year. By limiting the number of brides we serve, we know that our extraordinary imagery and customer service – which earned us “The Best of the Knot” in 2012 – will continue to be the hallmark of our exclusive wedding photography services.
  • Our photography has always had a strong focus on your lifestyle, full of the emotion that you love, and the relevancy that you crave. We have found that 85% of our photography occurs on-location, and in 2013 we hope to re-focus the energy we were spending on a studio into our personal service and creativity. In order to fully realize that concept, we will no longer have a retail studio space.
  • We know that you love our mini-sessions! We plan to work with area businesses and locations to create themed mini-sessions that are unlike any other you’ve experienced. One thing we love about this concept is that you will experience new places and things. Imagine sweet spring sessions fishing by the creek, or July 4 sessions at the local ice cream parlor. There are so many interesting spaces in the Triad – we can’t wait to share them with you!
  • We will streamline our product line for easier ordering. We know what you love, and while we plan to spice things up with trial products at times, we want our product offerings to reflect our best-loved and shared items.
  • We will offer digital image options, such as images on disk, from portrait sessions on a trial basis. We can’t promise that this will be a staple of our product offering, but we also know that in addition to outstanding products, our moms and families want to preserve the digital copies of their images for the future.
  • We will be closed on most Sundays and Mondays. Emails and phone calls received on those days will be returned on Tuesday.

While we know that these changes mean that we will not be the photographer for every person out there…we also realize that, in fact, we never were. We’ve pride ourselves on being the select photographer for brides and families that want imagery to reflect their truth, their passion, and their personality. We love being your exclusive photographer, and we know that you love knowing our photography is exclusive to you.

We hope that by taking a little time to re-focus, making some changes that allow us to serve you even better, and by focusing on the personal and critical elements of life, we can show you how incredibly amazing this new phase of Simply Southern Photography will be. Thank you for being a part of our family, and we are excited to continue as part of yours in 2013.

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