6 Month Baby Portraits: Little L

Goodness gracious, baby L has gotten so big!


He’s growing up so quickly, and isn’t that always the way?
6 month baby pics
Rest assured, big brother J will be there every step of the way to help him navigate all the mud puddles, drive the tractors, and chase the dogs!
In all the energy that comes with raising boys, big brother J is also there to make sure baby L is doing ok…and to give a quick snuggle before it’s time to start back up again!


In this image, I can imagine he is saying “ok, so over there is a big frog…and when I count to three let’s grab it!”


The bond between sibling is amazing, and these two brothers are no different. L watches J and loves to see him run and play. Little L has a little mischief of his own, I think! Check out the look in those eyes!


And that big grin as he was “talking” to me!LP6MoWmk-013


What a sweet baby! Happy 6 month birthday, little L!

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