9 Month Baby Portraits: Little L

Little L and his brother, J, have returned for a sneak peek from L’s 9 month session!

9 month baby portraits winston salem

Well, technically, it was his 10 month session – but time flies, doesn’t it?

baby blocks months

What a sweet little face, and those crystal blue eyes…

tanglewood portraits baby

The little monkey has been with Little L through a lot – from the NICU to home, he’s stayed by his side.

baby baseball portraits

A new favorite has joined the scene as well – a little plush baseball, that’s so much fun! Maybe we have a future MVP here …

baby mischief look portraits

But don’t let all those sweet smiles and expressions fool you – I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of mischief in those eyes, too!

brothers kissing black and white

The love that exists between siblings is amazing, and profound…and I loved this black and white image of big brother taking care of little brother with a kiss.

brothers tanglewood portraits kids

I think he’s working on teaching him a lot of things – from running to jumping to playing!

big brother portrait tanglewood

Congratulations on being a big brother, J! You’re rocking it! Thanks to you and L for such a fun portrait session at Tanglewood Park.


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