6 Month Baby Portraits: Little C

Little C is back with his 6 month baby portrait session!

6 month baby portrait pinterest

We were so excited to see how much he’d grown – and those boots are fitting just perfect now. We photographed his brother with them for his first year of portraits, and now it’s C’s turn to wear them (or take them off and throw them, as most babies do!).

6 month baby crawling

I can’t believe it, but C is already starting to crawl. He’d just started when we photographed his session – and had to show off his new skill!  I love that we were able to capture this milestone in his life.

6 month pictures hat and tie

He was such a little cutie in his hat and tie, with so much personality…

6 month baby lovie

And I loved this expression, with his little lovie rabbit in the photograph.

6 month baby smile personalityWith this much personality, C is a lot of fun to photograph!

6 month baby cuddling mom

His mom gave him cuddles to end the session, and it was a sweet moment to capture…I love these little times in portrait sessions – the lifestyle moments that make up the days.

Thank you, C, for celebrating your 6 month birthday with us!

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