Brittany’s Bridal Portrait: Rustic Luxe at Tanglewood

bridal portrait tanglewood

Brittany and Josh recently tied the knot, and it’s time for us to share a sneak peek from her bridal portrait session at Tanglewood in Clemmons!

bridal tanglewood horses fence

She wanted something rustic luxe – a little bit rustic, but also polished and beautiful.

bridal tanglewood bench barn

With her cowboy boots and her wedding dress, Brittany loved the idea of the barns and fields, with horses and fences for her bridal portrait. This image is one of my favorites – with the blue bench, the less traditional posing, and the late afternoon light coming in behind her through the trees.

bridal portrait tanglewood deer

We happened upon deer in the back fields of Tanglewood, and just had to capture a peaceful, serene shot in the glimmering sun.

bridal portrait horse barn

She relaxed and watched them for a minute, and it gave me a chance to capture this image – the one she selected for her gallery wrap portrait!

bridal portrait fence purple bouquet tanglewood

Her mom loved this one best – with her laughing with her family as they joked around near the end of the session. The rustic fence in the background and the pop of purple bouquet added elements that just made us all smile!

Thank you, Brittany and Josh, for choosing Simply Southern Photography for your wedding day and bridal portraits! Your wedding day sneak peek is coming soon!

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