First Birthday Smash Cake Portraits: Baby Boy K

We had a blast with Baby K for his first birthday portraits with a smash cake!

first birthday excited clapping baby

I think he was pretty excited, too! He has such a sweet personality – full of spunk and energy!

first birthday pictures hat

Like most 1 year olds, he wasn’t too interested in sitting still…but he loved our box of hats! He sat and played in them for quite a little while, and loved emptying the box to see what else he could find.

first birthday portrait mom

How did we get him in one place for more than a minute? A quick tickle from mama!

first birthday pictures with tie

She loves black and white images, and so do I…especially this one of him adjusting his little bow tie. He looks so adorable, and I can’t get over how sweet his smile is.

first birthday session smile hat

And, yep, he was SO EXCITED about those hats! This is one of my favorites from the session…

first birthday hat peekaboo

As well as this little gem of him playing peek-a-boo with his hat on the bed.

first birthday smash cake unique

When it was time for his first birthday smash cake, he didn’t disappoint – he jumped right in!

first birthday smash cake baby face

I’ve never seen a little one bend face first to get to the cake – it was hilarious! He just went for it – and I know that “go get ’em” personality will serve him well in life as he grows.

first birthday smash cake green blue

What a happy baby! Happy birthday, baby K! Thank you for joining us for your smash cake session, and thank you to your friends Baby C and Toddler W for referring you!


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