High Point University Bridal Portraits: Sarah

Congratulations to Sarah and Matt, who tied the knot this weekend in Hayworth Chapel at High Point University! Their wedding was amazing, and I can’t wait to share sneak peeks with you. Until then, check out Sarah’s gorgeous bridal portrait session!

bridal portrait hot pink shoes

Check out those gorgeous hot pink shoes!

 hayworth chapel wedding HPU

This portrait was one of Sarah’s dad’s favorite images from the session. It was photographed just in front of the chapel in the rose garden. bridal portrait session high point university

We photographed her session at High Point University in November. HPU is a long-standing tradition in their family, and both Sarah and Matt are HPU alumni.


family helping bride

Family is always there for us – and at bridal portraits sometimes they even go above and beyond the call of duty! Sarah’s mom and sister helped her through her bridal session in more ways than one – from helping her laugh to showing us the “Titanic pose” – and even carrying her so her dress wouldn’t get dirty. Now, that’s commitment! 🙂

traditional bridal portrait nc

Last but not least, Sarah’s favorite and the one she chose for her framed bridal portrait. One of her favorite elements of the architecture at High Point University is the wrought iron railing. The stairs and railing make for a beautiful traditional portrait, with the casual elegance that is so true for Sarah.

Thank you, Sarah and Matt, for choosing Simply Southern Photography for your wedding and bridal portraits! It was truly a joy and blessing to work with you!

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