Second Birthday Session and Family Portraits – Tanglewood Park

Family walking winter tanglewood portrait

Tanglewood is beautiful throughout the year … even when a winter full of crazy weather has made it hard to photograph at certain locations, scenic beauty isn’t hard to find when you know where to look! I loved the soft light that fell across this family portrait while they were walking the trails. W’s family loves a rustic view of photography, and their sessions are always so enjoyable.

second birthday session haybale

Little W has been with us since he was just a glimmer in his parents’ eyes…from their maternity session through his first year, we can’t believe we are celebrating his second birthday already!

brothers picture rustic session

Of course, a lot has changed since then – namely, the addition of his sweet little brother to the family! I love that his baby brother is wearing the same boots that W had in so many of his first year sessions – and that they are the same boots their dad wore as a toddler!

split rail fence first birthday

He was so excited to help W celebrate!

brothers haybale rustic picture nc

The boys climbed and sat with the hay bales…

sweet second birthday playingThrew a little hay…brothers split rail fence rustic

Peeked through the fences…

laughing portrait 2 year old

And laughed! We had a blast through the chilly day, and kept them moving to keep them warm. 🙂 I love W’s smile – he’s so full of energy, a little bit of mischief, and a lot of fun!

mom and son walking

We walked a lot through the park, and I loved the candid moments it presented. He did not want to let go of his block!

portrait with horse sepia

W loves animals, and so we spotted as many as we could find along the way – from the cats in the grass to the horses in the barns.

mom and son laughing

He was so excited to see them!

family portrait tickling laughing

We got both boys giggling for their family portrait…

family portait rustic color barn

And photographed them as they watched the horses in the barn in complete awe and wonder.

mommy cuddles portraitFrom Mommy cuddles…

Daddy cuddles portraitTo Daddy snuggles…

plane spotting with daddyFrom plane spotting…

daddy playing portraitTo flying like a plane…

portraits on playground swing

We had a blast! We rounded out the session with some fun on the playground at Tanglewood. At 2, little ones have figured out all the climbing and running that equals so much fun at a playground! His mom really wanted to capture this part of his development and growth, and I loved the idea – the lifestyle portraits where you get to capture what a family does every day are a blessing.

child sliding park nc

Happy second birthday, W! I can’t wait to photograph many more together!

playground portraits child

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