Memorial Day: Remembrance and Thanks

bronze star military medal picture

Today’s post is a short, but important one. For many, the weekend is full of hot dogs, watermelon, and beach trips…which are beautiful celebrations with our loved ones. As Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, take a moment to remember those who laid their lives down so that we could have these freedoms.

bronze star military medal picture


With all our distractions, it’s sometimes too easy to forget what this holiday is about – our day-to-day lives are different because others made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life. Soldiers – men and women with parents…siblings…children. Men and women with dreams of their own and love to come home to – these soldiers lost their lives so that we could live our lives freely and fully.

military photography, oplove, soldier homecoming, american flag

So, this week I challenge you…

– Take a few minutes out of your day and offer a thought, prayer, or word of kindness for a family whose loved one made the ultimate sacrifice.

– Take a few minutes to find a way to support military families and their loved ones – send a care package or a note, offer to babysit, listen to their worries and joys…or just ASK how you can help them.

– Look at life around you – turn off the screen, the phone, and the distractions…and get on the floor and play with your children or have a glass of wine with your best friend – because you CAN.

– Look inward. Are you taking your freedoms and gifts for granted? Are you living your life in fear or are you living your life in freedom? Are you wishing the days away or enjoying every single minute? Find a way to make a small change in your life as an unspoken “thank you” to those who have lost theirs. Celebrate each day, and celebrate each life.

One change I plan to make as the days move forward will be visible right here on the blog…I don’t often blog about non-photography topics, or personal ones, but that’s about to change. Simply Southern Photography is not only about the images, but about the life that is celebrated through the images. I can’t wait to share posts on topics that touch the lives of those I photograph, and through that – celebrate those lives and those days … and those moments.


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