Wedding Day Quick Tip: Wedding Dress Bustles

The Hustle-Bustle of a Wedding Day…

bustle wedding dress

Do you know the difference between a French bustle and a Ballroom bustle? Did you know that you can have a double or triple French bustle?

I’m willing to bet that your bridesmaids (or Mom!) don’t know the difference between them either. Truthfully, most of us in the wedding industry just know that we really hope there’s a number road map on all those ties so we can figure out how they all go together.

On your wedding day, your bridesmaids or mom will be a critical part of getting the dress bustled – in a hustle! When you go for your final fitting, be sure to take one of them with you. By watching the pros, she will be better prepared on your wedding day.

Even better, take a tip from one of our local wedding planners – Faye with Coordinating Dreams. She suggests taking a quick cell phone video of how to bustle the dress during the final fitting. Then, on the wedding day, just play the video, follow the steps … and you’re all set to dance the night away!

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