Quick Tip: Pinterest Fail?

There’s a new epidemic sweeping America…Pinterest Depression. There are scores of blogs and websites showing ‘Pinterest Fails’ – where the actual creation doesn’t quite measure up to the pinspiration.

Growing up with roots deep in DIY mode, I love tackling projects and big ideas with a DIY approach. It’s so much fun to create things from scratch and watch them develop. But, when it comes to critical moments – sometimes DIY has to take a backseat to sanity.

burlap invitation

The night before the baby shower isn’t quite the time to try the four-tier diaper cake centerpiece for the first time, and the week of your wedding isn’t the best time to try to start creating elaborate programs from scratch.

And, remember that not every person was meant for every photo – sometimes a cute picture is just that – and doesn’t have to be recreated 100%. Don’t stress about making everything perfect – use the ideas for inspiration and let your creativity fly!

Give yourself time, patience, and lots of practice and you’ll have so much more fun with your pin-obsession.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Pinterest Fail?

  1. So true. I appreciate that brides want their personality so show in their weddings but there is something to be said about taking time to enjoy the day. Most guests do not ap0y attention to the details you feel are so important. No stress.

    • Absolutely! I love the details, and I love the pinterest ideas that my brides find – but I do think there is a moment where we get so swept up in making sure that everything is “pinterest perfect” that we don’t take time to appreciate the actual event and what a big moment it is in our lives – it is the moment where you commit to another person for the rest of your life. Enjoy it, cherish it, and absorb that moment in time. 🙂

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