Getting Ready: Wendy and Josh’s Greensboro Wedding

Wendy and Josh had a beautiful wedding in Greensboro, NC – and we’re so excited to start sharing their wedding day story with you!

wedding shoes bouquet pink

Wendy’s bouquet and shoes were elegant and simple – perfectly matched to her gorgeous gown!

bride wedding gown dress nc

Their ceremony was held at West Market United Methodist Church, and I love the area where the bride gets ready! It’s so spacious and allows the bridesmaids and bride a chance to relax and get dressed comfortably.

bride pink and green bouquet wedding

Plus, the lighting through the stained glass windows is soft and gorgeous!

wedding dress bouquet vintage


After a quick hug for her dad, Wendy was ready to get dressed.

bride dad wedding day

Her mom and sister helped her get dressed…

bride mom getting ready necklace



And, as you already saw in her bridal portrait blog post…she is just stunning!

bride mirror getting ready


She was all smiles as she looked at her gorgeous veil and dress – I think everyone’s breath was taken away!

bride cathedral veil wedding

After a quick kiss (and a few tears) from her sister…

bride sister wedding day

Wendy had a few moments alone to pray and prepare for the big day.

bride praying prayer

After one last touch-up for the bridesmaids…bridesmaids primping

Everyone was ready to relax for a few minutes!

bride playing jenga

What better way than to play their favorite pastime game…Jenga!

bridesmaids jenga game

The guys were having just as much fun a few rooms away…

groom playing game

From playing games to playing the piano…

groomsmen getting ready

They were ready to go!

don't lose the rings

Josh’s dad made sure he had the ring on lockdown!

mom dad wedding ring

And just in case, his mom checked to be sure all was well, too.

groom getting ready mirror

Josh took a moment to make sure he was picture-perfect…

groom black and white

And I loved this black and white image of him as he straightened his cuff links.

groom getting ready flower

Finally, we were all set to go – just one last, but very important, pause …

groom prayer dad best man

A prayer with his father, the best man, before the ceremony.

groom praying


His groomsmen gathered around for a huddle.


groomsmen huddle


And a prayer together…


groomsmen huddle prayer


I loved that they took this moment of peace together before the busy day ahead.


groom prayer guys getting ready

Congratulations, Wendy and Josh! We hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at the getting ready part of your wedding day…more coming soon! Thank you for choosing Simply Southern Photography!

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