L Family Portraits: Old Salem Part Two

family pictures bridge old salem

We’re back with more sneak peeks from the L family’s Old Salem session! We showed you some of our favorite images with their antique truck in the last post, and now let’s talk about how adorable these little kids are!

family pictures bridge old salem

What a sweet family, and I love the bridge and the architecture behind them – the warmth and rustic nature are perfect.

rustic mom son photo

After some family photo time, we photographed each of the parents with the children.

dad father son rustic photo

I love having images of just mom or dad with each child as they grow – these are special one-on-one photographs that the child can treasure as they grow older, and it shows the relationship with each parent so beautifully.

mother son photo truck

Their mom’s playful nature and warmth is so endearing to me…

father son photo

While I love the quiet calm that their dad brings to each image with the kids, knowing just when to throw a kiddo in the air for a huge grin!

3 year pictures

We celebrated each of the boys’ birthdays through their images at this session – with W turning 3 …

minions photo baby

And C turning two! His party was all about minions, and so he brought along a little friend for the photo session.

sweet baby smiles photo

He has such an infectious grin, and I absolutely love this image of him. It was one of my favorite from the day!

3 year old pictures

W had a great time playing on the airplane, and ever the big brother, helped C out when it looked like he needed a mechanic.

big brother help plane

I love how kind and caring he is with his brother – and how excited he was to help out!

brothers picture Adirondack chair

Thank you to this sweet, loving family for inviting me along to capture their journey!

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