High School Senior Portraits: Water, Barns, and Rustic Wildflowers with C

senior portraits river sunset water

I’m so excited to share C’s senior portraits with you – she’s class of 2015, and incredibly artistic. We wanted her images to match her personality, and so we pushed the boundaries a little – from working with different angles, watching the light, asking her to take a dip in the stream, and pushing for the intensity that I knew she possesses.

creative artsy senior portrait water

While some seniors would think I was crazy for asking them to get their dress soaking wet, C didn’t question the vision and hopped right in. I love her “up for anything” attitude, and that her expressions fit the scenery perfectly.

happy senior sunset water picture

Don’t worry, though, we also captured her smiling and laughing throughout the session!

senior pics jump water

When I said she was up for anything – I meant it – even jumping off the rock into the shallow stream. I love how the light streams into this series of images, highlighting the athletic side of her personality, while still keeping the dreamy, creative, artistic piece.

senior pics jump water stream farm

She looks like she’s just floating there, in the air, over the water as it runs beneath her.

senior photos creative river wild

This is probably one of my favorite images from the session – dark, dreamy, creative light mixed with her laughter and mood, and the movement of the water.

high school senior pictures rustic creative

This is one of C’s favorite images from the session – and I love it, too.

senior pictures dog black and white labrador mix

One of their pups ran up to say hello mid-session, and brought such a smile to C’s face.

senior portraits creative north carolina nc

We were blessed to be able to photograph C on their large farm, and walked through the wooded paths to create some of her images.

rustic creative alternative senior portrait

We found wildflowers, and they were a perfect addition to a sprite-like image.

pilot mountain senior pictures

Before we headed off for outfit changes, we photographed C with Hanging Rock in the background.

black and white daisies field wildflowers

C changed to a jumper for her next set of portraits, and we headed to a field dotted with wildflowers.

high school senior rustic barn prom semiformal

Her final outfit was a gorgeous blue full-length dress, which we photographed against the old barns and chicken coops. This Homecoming Queen looked very regal, yet rustic!

sisters farm rustic barn

Last, but not least, we had to show you this beautiful image of C with her sisters. We photographed the three of them together a couple of years ago at her older sister’s high school senior session, and I had so much fun creating another image of the three girls for their parents.

high school senior pics rustic barn

Congratulations, C, on your graduation!

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