Newborn Portraits: Baby J’s “Up” Theme

Sweet little baby J was born to his incredible parents, Stephanie and Anthony, just over a month ago.

baby feet baby blue tiny newborn

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I love the details during a newborn session – those little tiny baby feet don’t stay tiny for long…and they’re my favorite part of any newborn session.


Those little toes are just so precious!


Wedding rings balanced on the heels of a newborn baby show just how tiny those heels are.


And yet, there’s also nothing like the grasp of a baby for his mama’s hand…it’s an instinct that makes my heart sing every single time.

baby up movie balloons theme newborn

His parents love the movie “Up,” and J’s nursery is themed after the movie. It’s a perfect thought for the beginning of life as a family of three…oh the adventures you will have and the places you will go!


Baby J dressed the part from head to toe – from his corduroy newsboy cap to his bow tie, he was ready for adventure!


We headed outside with his basket and balloons to set the stage for a very sweet first photo session.


It sprinkled a little that morning, but even rain and wind didn’t keep us from our goal – because, of course, who wants to wear the cone of shame? 🙂


I adore this sweet, simple photo of J out in the Fall leaves. When Stephanie described what she wanted to me, I knew exactly what she had in mind. I’d photographed their wedding, after all, and we clicked instantly. I’m thinking she and Anthony were thinking just what I did, “You’re weird. I like you.” (Ellie, in “Up”).


We had so much fun during their wedding – and it was clear they are truly meant for each other. J’s newborn session made that even clearer, if that’s possible! They cuddled and snuggled and just plain loved each other, and him. It is exactly what family is supposed to be, and I love them all the more for that.


Anyone who knows Anthony knows that he loves to joke around and have fun – and the session was no exception! He kept Stephanie laughing, as always – and it makes perfect sense that she was even laughing and smiling in the delivery room!


Sweet little J lived right up to his parents’ description of his personality – as Anthony likes to say, they used up all their karma points! He is laid back, calm, and a sweet, sleepy little baby (unless he’s hungry).


He even slept right through this part of the session – which was on the dining room table, of all places!

(Don’t worry, grandparents – we were totally careful…!)


What a precious, sleeping little one. Those cheeks and that calmness…oh, it’s just what newborn love is all about.


While J had a good hold on his mama’s finger earlier in the session, I also learned that he has a keen ear for his daddy’s voice and calms quickly when held. Anthony soothed him right back to sleep when we changed sets during the session. NewbornPhoto-205

Besides the sweet little baby toes, some of my favorite newborn session images happen between the formal photography – when mom and dad are just holding baby, and are looking on with love and awe at this new little human entrusted to their care.


It’s those little moments of complete love and devotion that make up the story of one’s life…and that’s the good stuff. As Russell says in “Up,” “That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.”


Welcome to the world, Baby J! We are so glad you are here!

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