Sweet Christmas Baby Portraits



Sweet little baby J was so precious for his Christmas session. Yep, we know it’s February – but sometimes we have to flex the days a little and go with what’s best for baby! There was so much going on at Christmas time that we opted for an early January Christmas session. An Epiphany session, if you will. 🙂 As you can see by his precious smile, he didn’t mind one bit. He cuddled up in his snowman pajamas and slept through most of the session (after sneaking an extra bottle out of mama).


While he slept, we captured some precious images of the family and baby J, including this favorite of mine – where he just snoozed while mom and dad looked at the Night Before Christmas book and watched over him.


One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is capturing some pretty special moments for families. I absolutely love when families bring in traditions or keepsakes to their images. Little J woke up to have a quick consult with the two literal elephants in the room…his wind up elephant and his dad’s wind up elephant. The gray one grew up with his dad, and while its music no longer works, it is quite a special family keepsake. Somehow, J’s grandmother was able to find an almost exact replica elephant for J! I was amazed when his dad told me all about it – while baby J’s is blue, it winds up and plays music just like his dad’s. It’s almost exactly the same size, too. So precious, and such a beautiful family moment.


We had to get this cutie pie propped up for a quick photo of all his cuteness! I just love those cheeks! His mom helped him sit up so we could capture this adorable moment. For the record, that’s the look J has when he sees his dad come home from work. Adorable!


Last, but not least, I love the candid moments in sessions – those times where babies and their families aren’t expected to be “on” for the camera, but are just resting in mama’s arms. Love!

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