Watch Me Grow – J at 6 Months


It is amazing to watch the first year of a child’s life … much less to be able to document it through photography!


Sweet J is 6 months old, and we headed out to a nearby field to photograph his 6 month watch me grow portraits. His mom is right; he’s a happy baby to the core! What a sweetheart, with such a lovebug personality.


He quickly wins over everyone he meets … and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂 His mom and dad are so incredibly welcoming and kind – it’s clear he takes after them.


In fact, they even have a little nickname for him – the “supervisor” – as he loves to watch everything that goes on around him. He gives lots of snuggles and big, wet kisses…and he’s figured out he can pull hair!


We headed inside for a quick change of clothes and to photograph our next part of the session. J was even full of smiles on the changing table!


We worked on getting a few balloon photographs, but he wasn’t quite sure what to think of something so big and float-y. With little ones, you have to be flexible and ready to change the plan when they need it…so that’s just what we did.


Once we headed to mom and dad’s room, he was ready to play again. I adore this black and white image of J – it shows those big, beautiful eyes and so much personality.


Of course, with an aviation themed nursery, he had to practice his wings and stretch out! Big smiles came from seeing us play peek-a-boo. He loves his aunt, and we were so excited to have her there to assist.


This is my favorite series from the day! I love all the other images, but one of the best things about photographing so many moments in a family’s life is that you can watch the images change and grow. I photographed Stephanie and Anthony’s wedding, including their engagement portraits. They have a very similar image to this of just the two of them at Brookstown Inn in Winston Salem.


It sits on their dresser, and when I saw it … I just new we had to add baby J right in there! The “supervisor” was very happy to be a part of the plan.


Last, but not least, even a very happy baby gets tired after a photo session. It was time for J to rest, and his dad did an amazing job of calming him down and getting him ready for a nap. I love these little unscripted moments in a day…and photographing them makes my heart so happy.

Thank you, J and family, for allowing me to be part of your life journey.

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