Watch Me Grow: J at 9 Months

This little cutie pie just had his Watch Me Grow 9 Month baby portrait session! We’ve shared his newborn, 3 month, and 6 month portraits in the past on our blog…and now it’s time to celebrate 9 Months!


When I asked his mom and dad how he’s been changing for the last 3 months, they said he is still the happiest baby ever – and they were right! He is sitting up well on his own, and he’s definitely mastered smiling.


Just look at those cheeks, and his sweet expression! He’s getting teeth – check out those bottom two peeking through his smile – and pushing up when he’s on his belly.


One of my favorite things that little J does is this sort of scoot / crawl combo. It’s hard to describe, but so precious in person. When he looks up at you with these big, beautiful eyes…your heart just melts.


And then this…look at that grin! He was so excited when we brought out balloons. He has an “Up” themed nursery, and the balloons were a perfect addition to continue that theme through his portrait sessions. Each session has some element that is a nod to the movie.


We also used this little leather chair in his newborn session. At the time, he could fit laying down in the chair at the time – look at him now! He’s a big boy, sitting up and relaxing after a long day of cuddles and playtime.


Along with his love of balloons, we figured out that he’s fascinated by bubbles! He watched them with such awe, and worked his way out of the chair to try to touch them.


There is one thing for sure – J is LOVED beyond measure.


Stephanie and Anthony shared with me how blessed they feel to have J; I think that he is one blessed little baby to have them! They are amazing parents to this little guy.


When J is ready to be picked up, he has this wiggly littleĀ move he makes – it’s his way of saying, I want UP! He was such a trooper through the portrait session, and I was proud of him for taking everything in stride. You can tell how much he loves his parents, and the bond that each of them have with J.


That bond is such a beautiful thing to watch grow and change as J ages and learns new things.


As always, thank you to Stephanie, Anthony, and baby J for letting me share in your memories and your life.

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