Newborn Photography: Baby C

Welcome, baby C, to this big, big world!


You are so beautiful and tiny … and perfect. Baby C, you may not know this yet, but you have the BEST mommy and daddy.


They love you so much! From your little nose to your tiny toes, they sure do love you. You were so sweet to hold, and I love the theme they chose for you: “From a tiny acorn grows the mighty oak.”


I just can’t imagine that you would have it any other way.


Thank you for working with us through your newborn session … I know it’s so exhausting to be the model! Your parents were rock stars as well … from nursing non-stop to patiently rearranging leaves until they were “just right” … they were awesome! Thank you for bringing them back to me so that we could continue your parents’ journey from their wedding.


Grow, little acorn…but not too fast – us mamas and daddies like to savor these moments.


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