Watch Me Grow: J’s First Birthday Session


Goodness, little Mr. J is growing up fast! I always feel like I’m wondering where the time has gone at first year sessions – and his was no exception. The first year just seems to fly by.


You may remember this super cutie pie from his previous sessions, including his newborn photography session – it was “Up” themed, and boy was it fun. We used a gorgeous wicker basket and balloons for part of the session.


It doesn’t even seem possible that he is this big! At the newborn session, we had to pile the basket high with blankets and get just the right view to see little baby J…one year later, he’s popping up with all smiles, ready for his hot air balloon ride.


This sweet little guy has so many smiles for his mom and dad. He has such a sunny personality – full of spunk and sweetness!


He is such a curious little boy at this age – he’s pulling to stand, but not quite taking those steps to walk yet. It doesn’t slow him down … it takes him just a few seconds to go from sitting and playing to pulling up on buckets and baskets to find all the balloons a photographer can handle. I told his mama and daddy to hold on tight – when he starts walking, he will be a ((happy)) force to be reckoned with…and smiling the whole way (just like his mama).


He loves to look for dogs, and the little turtle I carry to sessions was a huge hit. He wanted to keep it with him for every photograph. He played peek-a-boo with dad, and balanced the turtle on his head to make me laugh. I love his little personality! He’s a perfect blend of his mom and dad, which means he’s a pretty incredible¬†little kiddo.


Happy first birthday, little J. Thank you for bringing lots of sunshine and curiosity to your session. Keep that beautiful spirit…after all, adventure awaits!

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